#WorkingFromHome with Catherine: Focusing on That Silver Lining

In March of 2020, FUEL decided to close the office as COVID-19 began to creep across the nation. While many of my coworkers were nervous about working from home, I envisioned a new, improved shift in my work/life balance. I looked at the silver lining in this need to pivot the way “work” looked. Without

Ed Working From Home
#WorkingFromHome with Ed: Daddy, what’s copy and paste?

5:00 AMThe delightful sound of the alarm gets louder, more incessant the longer you leave it. I’m not one that likes to hit ‘snooze,’ so I cut that short and I’m up right away. 5:20 AMMy day starts downstairs with the first of two coffees, which actually only started recently … a global pandemic will

Work from home with Jackie
#WorkingFromHome with Jackie: Keep on Keeping On

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our COO shared a quote with the entire team that has stuck with me ever since. She said: “You’re not working from home, you’re home working through a pandemic.”  If anything, working from home through quarantine has taught me that in this season of life, I’m not okay

Workin From Home With Patrick
#WorkingFromHome with Patrick

Our resident videographer Patrick Garcia shares his WFH experience the best way he knows how – through video, of course! Press play to see what life looks like from his home office.

Work From Home with Roxy
At Home with Roxy: Extrovert in a Box

Anyone else feel like COVID-19 tossed them in a box, locking away all spontaneity and thirst for adventure? Wanting to explore, enjoy summer, travel, spend time with friends, to just enjoy something new? Well, we for sure got to experience something new but not at all what we’d expected. As an energetic, enthusiastic extrovert, for

#WorkingFromHome with Sandra

WFH was an easy transition for me in that I already had an office set-up, I didn’t have to become an educator, and I’ve done it before, so I knew what to expect. However, COVID-19 made it feel different especially at the onset. Initially, it was difficult to focus on anything except the climbing death

Mary Working From Home
Confessions of a Working Mom in Quarantine

When I moved to Greenville and started working at FUEL, I knew I needed to manage my burnout rate and discover a healthy balance. And for the past year, I’ve had the healthiest work-life to date. And then it happened. QUARANTINE.

Working From Home with Georgia
#WorkingFromHome with: Georgia

Working From Home has become the new normal for most of the country these past few months, and we’ve all dealt with it in ways as different as we are. So we thought, why not share how our own team has stayed inspired and productive outside of the office? This week, FUEL Account Manager Georgia