Five Key Steps to Achieve Social Media Accessibility

At least one billion people (15% of the world’s population) experience some form of disability. This statistic does not include individuals who may experience temporary or situational disabilities at one point throughout their lives. So what does that mean for social media, you may ask? A lot. Let’s talk about social media accessibility. describes

Greenville Fitness Studios Slay the Social Media Game

Attention all Greenville, South Carolina locals: this one’s for you! If you are like me, you might find yourself adding to your GVL bucket list on the daily. Sweet new restaurant. Yep, added to my bucket list. New rooftop bar? Added that too. What about the new fitness studio? You betcha-added.  There seem to be

Benefits of Using Instagram Stories

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories are a big deal. This way of storytelling allows users to share short and sweet posts without having to spend hours crafting the perfect creative and copy. Within stories, you can use a variety of features that are exclusive to Instagram Stories, making your content one-of-a-kind.  Whether you’re on

10 TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

Welcome to the World of TikTok: Who to Watch Regardless of your age or social media savvy, you have most likely heard of TikTok at this point. From short cat videos to minute long “day in the life” vlogs, you can just about enjoy it all on the social media platform. You might even find

Social Media ROI book
Industry Book Picks: Social Media ROI

Senior Digital Strategist, Zach Chastian, reviews Olivier Blanchard's book "Social Media ROI" where the author shares his no-nonsense treatise on managing and measuring social media marketing efforts correctly and effectively.

#BlackOutTuesday: Marketing Lessons from a Social Media Movement

Last week, you probably noticed a flood of black squares taking over your social media feeds – all accompanied by the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday. We even shared one too. But quickly, the black tiles were met with criticism, skepticism, and growing confusion. Who started this movement, exactly? How does it help? What does it even mean?