Santeetlah Lakeside

Rebranding and Launch Campaign SITUATION Santeetlah Lakeside is a breathtaking waterfront community that sits on one of the last pristine mountain lakes in Western North Carolina. Nestled amongst old-growth forests and national parks, it’s a haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts of the great outdoors. It’s like a personal retreat, tucked away as the best

Eagles Nest

Lead Nurture Campaign SITUATION Eagles Nest is a force to be reckoned with among Western North Carolina luxury developments. With some of the highest altitude homesites in the area and world-class amenities to suit any taste — from the lover of fine wine to the off-road adventure seeker — FUEL has great content to work

Softbox Package Design

“Not Just Another Box” Steve Jobs once famously said: “Packaging can be theater. It can create a story.” And from looking and shopping around (waving to the cereal aisle), there’s no questioning he was absolutely right. Which is why we were so excited to put this theory to work during our latest design project for

Hampton Lake

Website Re-launch SITUATION Oftentimes, bigger is not better. With real estate websites, the key is getting users the exact information they need to book a tour in the fewest number of steps. The original Hampton Lake site was big and burdensome to its users. With a Google site speed of zero (out of 100), mega