Planning + Market Research

The more prep work we complete, the stronger the strategy. 

Affectionately known as “the data dump,” the planning and market research process is a collaboration with the client. We want to know everything you know. We dig into goals related to driving revenue and units and also get granular to uncover how those objectives relate to distribution channels, market share, penetration, pricing, and point of sale. We set the stage for brand and product marketing—are we playing offense or defense? 

Once we’ve learned everything we can about your business, we want to know everything about your customers. We define their emotional and rational needs and align on what the competition is giving them. If possible, we conduct market research (or read through data you have conducted) to mine for vital insights and cues.

Lastly, we dive into the competitive landscape. Everyone has a weakness, including your brand and products. We work with you to identify opportunities where we can differentiate your business for your audience. 

So, now that you know our first step to creating successful marketing strategies, see what else we can do. 

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Competitive + Marketing Audits
Personas + Segmentation
Market Research*
Journey Mapping
Research + Interviews
Consumer Insights*
Facilitated Brand Exploration
Analytics + Opportunities

*In conjuction with our preferred partners

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