Content Strategy

Equal parts science and art, content strategy is crafting the exact language and visuals an audience needs to find, relate to, and engage with our client’s brand, product, or service. It’s not simply creating content for information or entertainment (although it can do that, too) but rather outlining a plan that moves the target audience to a desired destination, behavior, or result. Content strategy is produced from aligning the customer journey with the brand strategy we outline in phase two.

A solid content strategy starts with audience insights and analytics. Remember the homework we did on the customer journey? It comes in handy here, too. We tap into our knowledge of how customers are using search engines and social channels to start the inspiration phase of their journey. We analyze the terms and keywords they use to inform what content we create, where that content shows up, and when and how we present that content to the audience. We take a step back to determine not only what we should create but, more importantly, why

In other words, when our customer hits a roadblock in their journey, our content strategy enables them to move past the hurdle and shows them the value of our client’s product, service, or brand.  

Think of it as roadside assistance that drives results for your business. 

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