Campaign Strategy

If content strategy is a marathon, campaign strategy is a sprint. It’s similar to content strategy in that we are creating content to drive behavior, but campaigns are intended to drive a specific behavior over a specific period of time to achieve a specific objective (like driving revenue or increasing subscribers).

The most important tool in developing a good campaign strategy is building a solid sales funnel. This requires a solid grasp of the concept that campaign objectives + budget + time + execution  = success or failure. You don’t need big budgets and long timelines to have successful campaigns—but you do need a math equation that works. 

The next step is the situational assessment. We provide a thoughtful, critical perspective of the most acute challenges facing your brand, product/service, distribution channels, and competitive landscape, and then we identify opportunities to achieve success.

The final piece in campaign strategy development is your tactical tool kit. Different businesses have different needs, which is why FUEL does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Each campaign is uniquely created based on the campaign objectives + budget + time. We might recommend a tight, high-intensity, retail POS campaign for one product or a three-month, grassroots, user-generated campaign for another.  

It’s all about what’s right for your brand. Learn more about how we develop and manage campaigns here.

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