Brand Strategy

Essentially, brand strategy is like creating a road map. We agree with our clients that we want to take their brand or product from here to there. Coming out of the research and planning phase, we have the tools we need to start mapping out what that path will look like. 

We start with the basics of positioning—defining what role this product or brand plays in your portfolio then determining where we are now and where we want to go.

We also map the customer’s journey, from inspiration to conversion. Our strategic roadmap must align with the customer’s journey map to be successful. Where we identify customer roadblocks, our strategic roadmap should enable the customer to avoid or overcome those obstacles.

Then we gut-check ourselves. Is this brand strategy navigable? Key stakeholder alignment is critical in this phase to ensure we have the buy-in from senior management, sales, operations, and marketing to ensure that all parties are in agreement with the direction we are heading. 

And of course, we take into account the most important stakeholders—the customers. When possible, we pressure-test our strategic brand positioning (particularly if it’s a significant change) with customers via quantitative or qualitative research. 

Now, let’s see where you’re going. 

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