Taylor Perry

Role: Senior Developer
Taylor is here to make things work! She writes the code behind websites, landing pages, and emails while constantly collaborating with other FUEL team members to create seamless user experiences for our clients.

Career Cred
After earning a BA in Visual Art from Winthrop University, Taylor worked as a web designer and developer in the marketing department for a global technology company outside of DC and a small marketing agency here in Greenville. Both have given her the vision and perspective on how what she’s coding can directly connect and impact larger pieces and parts of a company’s marketing brand. Her work spans across numerous industries, including technology, travel and tourism, health care, hospitality, nonprofit, banking and financial, and real estate. And she has also earned an Addy and MARCOM Award for websites.

FUEL for Taylor
Picnicking in the park with her daughter Hazel is something Taylor does all the time on weekends and days off. She’ll pack a few PB&Js, apples (Hazel’s favorite), and other snacks, then find a good spot (or occasionally in the back of the car) and hang out. Often, their picnics are accompanied by play time at a nearby playground or a hike in the mountains.