Roxy Bartz

Role: Senior Visual Designer
Roxy brings brands to life with design. Using creativity, strategy, and collaboration, she works with clients and our team to brainstorm and execute concepts that reflect the spirit of a brand. 

Career Cred:
Prior to FUEL, Roxy worked at EP + Co, a large advertising agency that taught her how to multi-task and work through solutions quickly and also gave her a handle on different programs and software. The variety of projects she worked on helped her easily craft a vision and suggestions for clients — big brands like Verizon, Lenovo, UPS, John Deere, Men’s Warehouse, Lowe’s, and LinkedIn.

FUEL for Roxy
Although Roxy grew up playing tennis, there’s a lot more to her outdoorsy side. She enjoys all types of adventurous activities, like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and camping. But sometimes, she likes to just chill in a hammock to draw and admire God’s beautiful creations. Some other fun facts: When she was three, she broke her nose and can no longer smell anything. And she hates coffee…which we find surprising, given her high energy and constantly positive attitude. We guess it just comes naturally.