Meredith Kinsey

Role: President & COO
Meredith does it all. She’s responsible for the daily operations — working with clients, pursuing new business opportunities, and serving alongside Warren to help lead the company – ensuring that FUEL operates efficiently and is positioned for sustainable growth.

Career Cred:
Meredith’s two decades of marketing experience has been crucial to her role at FUEL. She started her career in the telecommunications field and quickly moved into a marketing role — and she never looked back. From marketing communications manager up to VP of marketing, she was exposed to every possible marketing challenge, plan, and solution and developed a strong understanding of the foundational role that marketing plays in the growth and ultimate success of a business. After many years on the client side, she saw an opportunity to join FUEL and decided to jump on it.

FUEL for Meredith:
Work-life balance is extremely important to Meredith and one of the things she appreciates the most about working at FUEL. Quiet time to herself and quality time with family and friends are among the most important parts of her life away from the office. Some of her best creative moments happen when she’s reading or just enjoying the outdoors. Speaking of the outdoors, she loves fresh air and staying active. Meredith has always had a passion for sports and physical activity, keeping busy with hiking, kayaking, running, riding her Peloton, and kickboxing workouts. She especially enjoys kickboxing because it represents action, hard work, and a bit of badassery – which we all need a little of in our life. 🙂