Karen Janette

Role: Public Relations Director
Karen helps clients get their message out to the masses. As public relations director, she aims to get results and help FUEL and our clients earn more visibility.

Career Credentials
Karen has a broad background spanning from marketing to sales to business growth strategy, which adds depth to her PR role. She’s helped entrepreneurs and organizations with growth and visibility for over 15 years, approaching each new project from a strategic view, always thinking in terms of how communications will be perceived and received by the public. She’s worked with clients in a range of industries, including health care, technology, sports, real estate, and retail.

FUEL for Karen
Karen has two outlets for balance in her life: yoga and karaoke. (Well, in full disclosure, she has many more — travelling, hiking, sailing, food, and wine — but these are the two we’re focusing on.) To Karen, yoga is more than an exercise. It’s an avenue for finding peace within and pauses the mind to keep it from running wild. And karaoke is all about embracing who you are…even the tone-deaf parts. She loves challenging people to get out of their comfort zones, step on stage, and sing a little off-key.