Jackie Maness

Role: Account Director
Jackie works tirelessly to advocate for her clients and communicate on their behalf—and she’s got endless energy to get it all done. Not only is she managing budgets, timelines, and projects, but she also applies her experience in strategy to help bring new ideas to the table and create the next “wow” idea for current and prospective clients.

Career Cred
For more than seven years, Jackie has worked in marketing with clients across a variety of industries, including power tools, restaurants, luxury real estate, apparel, health care, and fitness and wellness. Her background includes a wide range of marketing positions, from account management and business development, to social media and digital marketing. And she loves diving into metrics to see what’s working—and what’s not—and will suggest mid-campaign changes to help her clients succeed. That’s commitment.

FUEL for Jackie
Although she has a head for numbers and strategy, Jackie also likes to indulge in her creative side with painting, calligraphy, and crafts. But what she enjoys most is reading at home with her pup. She fell in love with reading at a young age, when she discovered that it offered the perfect escape for her “little introverted self.” And reading-related activities are also her favorite—like collecting books and arranging them on her color-coordinated bookshelf.