Georgia Skerman

Role: Account Manager
To Georgia, clients’ goals are her goals. She’s equal parts advocate and liaison for clients, to help them achieve success on every project through managing budgets, organizing timelines, and participating in strategy decisions.

Career Cred:
As a world traveler and New Zealand native, Georgia’s experience living and working in different cultures taught her how to navigate complex interpersonal relationships to achieve client objectives. With a background in customer service, she knows how to stay cool in high-stress situations and has gained the flexibility and adaptability to react quickly to a client’s needs in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, education, nonprofit, environmental law, and tech support.

FUEL for Georgia
After a long day at the office, Georgia likes to come home, read a book, and make a cup (or several) of tea. Tea has always been a large part of her life and is the answer to any question. Good news? Cup of tea! Bad news? Cup of tea. This, paired with her insatiable appetite for learning about different cultures, sparked a passion for studying and consuming all types of tea. She has jars, drawers, cabinets of the stuff and sometimes unwittingly shares a cup with her cat Mozzy, who apparently enjoys sneaking sips during portrait sessions.