Catherine Crandall

Role: Senior Art Director
Catherine’s work is more than stunning — it’s effective. She unites creativity and strategy to craft design that’s not only beautiful but also elevates the overall brand experience.

Career Cred:
Prior to FUEL, Catherine worked at an agency that dealt with a lot of startups and meager budgets — so, she learned to be resourceful. She worked heavily with their publishing arm for a regional magazine, learning to direct shoots and do post-production and extensive photo manipulation while staying within budget and respecting the timeline. Fortunately, small budgets attract a wide variety of brands to partner with — Catherine has worked on branding and design for financial planning companies, credit unions, nonprofits, real estate, SC-TAC, CUICAR, and Union County Development Board, among others.

FUEL for Catherine
In her free time, Catherine loves working on calligraphy — a passion that started as something cathartic to help her slow down and learn some discipline. During difficult times, she found it empowering to create something beautiful that could also supplement her income. While she’s drawing beautiful letters, her pups usually hang out close by — and of course, Catherine doesn’t mind the company. We mean, who doesn’t love dogs, right?