Amy Cronin

Role: Business Support Specialist

Amy makes things happen around here, ensuring everything runs smoothly and maintaining our cool office vibe through a variety of culture-related responsibilities. She supports day-to-day operations and new business initiatives, and to top it off, she manages projects for our toughest client–FUEL!

Career Credentials

Amy got her feet wet in the business world with an internship at MPA Strategies, a full-service public relations firm in Columbia, SC, where she managed and assisted in association management projects for a variety of clients. Her most recent experience in real estate marketing and client coordination helped her develop and hone the communication and project management skills she currently uses every day at FUEL. With a BA in public relations from the University of South Carolina, she’s always been interested in brand communication and storytelling. And now, she’s excited to be in the middle of the action at FUEL.

FUEL for Amy

A lover of the outdoors, Amy feels the most herself when she’s hanging out outside with her friends and family. She spends a lot of her free time in the mountains, especially in the winter months to ski! She’s also just as happy taking it easy by the pool in her parents’ backyard—with the dogs, of course (she has three). Indoors, Amy prefers to be in the kitchen, her favorite place in the house. She studied Italian food and wine culture while studying abroad and loves the social aspect of preparing and sharing a special meal with the people she loves.