Eagles Nest

Lead Nurture Campaign


Eagles Nest is a force to be reckoned with among Western North Carolina luxury developments. With some of the highest altitude homesites in the area and world-class amenities to suit any taste — from the lover of fine wine to the off-road adventure seeker — FUEL has great content to work with for their lead generation campaign, and we keep the sales team busy. But while a busy sales team seems like a great problem to have, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep all of the leads warm—especially those lower in the funnel.

UTV’ing Adventures


In order to assist the sales team best, we wanted to find a way to allow them to prioritize the hottest leads while keeping less immediate opportunities (those higher in the funnel) warm with minimal effort. We analyzed their sales process, sales cycle, where the most and least qualified leads came from, at what point in the buying process leads typically reached out to them, and what information was most relevant to the lead, based on their position in the funnel.

With this degree of lead intelligence, we were able to score the leads and help the sales team focus on the hottest, most immediate opportunities, while warm leads were kept engaged in the queue with a lead nurture campaign. Additionally, the analysis showed us that even with the hotter leads, there were some sales tools missing that would help close business faster.

Sales Emails


For the lead nurture campaign, we selected three key topics: one that kept leads excited, one that addressed a frequent concern, and one that leveraged a special benefit of Eagles Nest home ownership. We supported these emails with detailed sell sheets on the same topics to help guide the sales team in their conversations with leads and serve as a useful takeaway or reference material for potential buyers as they continued to weigh their options.

A key concern for the Eagles Nest sales team was never to come across as pushy—they had no reason to be; they knew they had an amazing product for the right buyer. Instead, the team wanted to cultivate the perception that they’re not only incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, but committed to providing potential buyers with additional tools to make the right investment for their family and their future. Our lead nurture emails and sell sheets did exactly that, resulting in tremendous customer service feedback and a spike in sales for the Eagles Nest team.

Sale Sheets

2020 has been busy to say the least. Since we restarted our ad campaign through FUEL, we can’t clear property on the ground fast enough. We are now opening up new tracks in the community and adding new amenities.”

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