Geofencing as a Marketing Strategy: Will it work for you?

What is Geofencing? There are a lot of potential applications for geofencing technology, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing on how geofencing technology can be leveraged for marketing and advertising. Geofencing is an advertising technology (ad tech) that allows you to serve ads to people who enter an imaginary boundary that

How to Market and Sell More Real Estate During a Pandemic

As for many, 2020 came with a lot of unique challenges for the team at FUEL and our clients, from working at home to conducting strategic planning meetings on Zoom. But when clients start saying, “Since we restarted our ad campaign through FUEL, we can’t clear property on the ground fast enough,” you know that

Third Party Cookies
Major Changes Coming to the Digital Marketing Industry in 2021

Read on for an overview of what’s to come, or if you are ready to dive into the Death of the Third Party Cookie white paper, you can download it here. People often talk about how digital marketing (and, quite frankly, marketing as a whole) changes quickly and how crucial it is to always be

Social Media ROI book
Industry Book Picks: Social Media ROI

Senior Digital Strategist, Zach Chastian, reviews Olivier Blanchard's book "Social Media ROI" where the author shares his no-nonsense treatise on managing and measuring social media marketing efforts correctly and effectively.

The Value of Market Research: What to Do BEFORE Launching New Products

Much like Neo slows down his perception of time to dodge bullets in The Matrix, market research can help you slow down and assess your own product launch situation, which will help you dodge some bullets of your own. What bullets am I talking about? Everything from delays and rework before a product launch to

Top 10 Covid Response Ads
10 COVID-19 Ad Campaigns That Capture Life During a Global Pandemic

The best ads that brands have created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak are made with emotion and empathy. Here are the top 10 and why they work.

Digital Strategy Trends during COVID-19
Digital Strategy Trends During COVID-19

With crisis comes opportunity. To help businesses better identify those opportunities, we gathered some key trends for business owners and marketing managers to keep on their radar as they navigate the challenges of responding to COVID-19.

Why Paid Search Pays Off

Paid search is a key component of any truly integrated digital marketing program. It is fundamental to driving new leads and engaging future customers.