What is UX and What Does it Have to do with Marketing?

Perhaps you’ve heard of “UX,”  but it sounds like a buzzword. Maybe you’ve heard of “UI” and are wondering if these are the same thing? Lucky for you, we are here to bring some clarity to the world of UX and help you figure out what it has to do with marketing. UX, or “User

Nora’s Secret to Finding Inspiration

Inspiration – a feeling of enthusiasm you get to spark new and creative ideas – comes in all shapes and forms, and differs for each individual, based on their personality, profession, hobbies, and interests. As a team of creative professionals, we each find inspiration in unique ways. Here’s a peek at what inspires Nora Carson,

Enneagram and the Workplace

Just another personality test? Or powerful workplace tool?

Content is King: The Art of Content Marketing

You’ve heard it said that “Content is king.” And it’s true in the sense that this type of marketing is dominating, and consumers are looking to relate to brands in a way that is more personal than ever before. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating