logo therapy
Logo Therapy

After a hard day’s work, most people like to come home and have a glass of wine or a beer to unwind and relax. For me, a new logo brief really hits that sweet spot. I simply don’t see it as work — design is what gets me going, and I love creating identities for anything

Ed Working From Home
#WorkingFromHome with Ed: Daddy, what’s copy and paste?

5:00 AMThe delightful sound of the alarm gets louder, more incessant the longer you leave it. I’m not one that likes to hit ‘snooze,’ so I cut that short and I’m up right away. 5:20 AMMy day starts downstairs with the first of two coffees, which actually only started recently … a global pandemic will

The Importance of Branding in the Digital Age

In summary, your brand has to connect deeply with your prospects and customers. It must resonate with their actual needs. This is absolutely critical to success.