Ask Before Rebrand
Five Questions to Ask Before You Rebrand

As part of your rebranding process, you must also consider all of the components that need to be refreshed. A new brand often leads to new everything — a new website, new signage and print materials, new social avatars, new guidelines… and the list goes on. Making a clear list of everything that needs to be adjusted will help you prepare.

The Psychology of Design
The Psychology of Design

When the word “design” comes to mind, many people don’t consider its close relationship to human habits. Often, designers are compared to artists who use their abilities to create beautiful visuals. But design is so much more than just aesthetics. It is crafted with intention and purpose to catch your attention and evoke something. Or,

mobile first design
Mobile First Design

Today more than ever, we’re tied to our mobile devices. In some ways, they’ve actually become an extension of us–an“extra hand” that gives us quick access to practically anything we can possibly need or imagine. So it’s no wonder that when we want to respond to the many calls-to-action floating around our daily lives, we