Strategic Secret Weapons: Part Three – Storytelling

So there you have it. Three not-so-secret but often overlooked strategies to reveal your brand’s full potential: know your audience, know your competition, and know yourself. Armed with these three strategic weapons, we help our clients craft killer brand stories! But you’ll have to wait on the next installment to hear more about brand stories….

Strategic Secret Weapons: Part Two – The Competition

Brands seem to fall into two categories when it comes to the competition: “ignorance is bliss” or “analysis paralysis.” Meaning, they either ignore the competition or they overly focus on them. Taking a more intentional approach to the competition yields greater results, often with less work.

Strategic Secret Weapons: Part One – Consumer Insights

So often clients and agencies jump straight to crafting ads based on what the brand has to offer without really understanding what the audience needs, what the competition is doing, and what is the best way to tell the brand’s story. FUEL takes a critical approach in revealing a brand’s best chance to be successful.

Promotional Marketing Strategy
The Advantages of a Killer Promotional Marketing Strategy

Over the years, promotional marketing has taken on a negative perception, as if offering a discount or limited-time offer is automatically cheap or degrading. Clearly, too much promotional marketing, too many coupons, or always on-sale will train customers to never pay full price and devalue your brand. But if you are a brand in a

Webinar: Mindfully Market in the COVID-19 Era

FUEL partnered with the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce to host two webinars to provide businesses insight on how to mindfully market in the COVID-19 era. The webinars took place on Thursday, May 7, and Wednesday, May 13, 2020, and were open to members and non-members of the SC Chamber. Facilitated by Warren Griffith, President

When Sales + Marketing Teams Are In Sync, Magic Happens

You can have a crackerjack sales team. You can have the most talented marketers in the world. But it does you no good if both sides are out of step, or strategically misaligned.