Ed Working From Home

#WorkingFromHome with Ed: Daddy, what’s copy and paste?


5:00 AM
The delightful sound of the alarm gets louder, more incessant the longer you leave it. I’m not one that likes to hit ‘snooze,’ so I cut that short and I’m up right away.

5:20 AM
My day starts downstairs with the first of two coffees, which actually only started recently … a global pandemic will do that to you. After I get slightly caffeinated, I sit down for the first click of the day. Side note, have you ever wondered how many times you click a mouse in one day? I have. I won’t bore you with the math.

Between 5:30 and 6:45 AM (or if I’m lucky 7:00 AM), I’m guaranteed some rare peace, which I use for creative heads down or to simply prep for the day ahead. I try to cram in as much as humanly possible during this time before the ladies of the house get up and any sense of quietness evaporates. With two adorable angels running around — Sienna (4) and Stella (15 months) — the house is never quiet or dull. Mix two now-working-from-home parents and two at-home-because-of-COVID-19-toddlers, and you have a recipe for mayhem.

6:45 AM
I hear the first daddy or mummy call, so anything that I am doing comes to an abrupt stop as we try to avoid one little one waking the other up. It’s typically Sienna who, depending on the day/minute/mood of the moment, can wake up all singing and wonderful or impersonating a moody teenager. After potty time, milk, and more cartoon time than probably appropriate, she is raring to go and ready to be entertained. My wife and I tag-team getting ‘ready’ for work (i.e. putting on vaguely professional clothes) and getting the kids situated into some kind of routine.

7:15 AM
With lady #2 up and about, sh*t gets real. This one is walking, climbing, and is an all-round disaster zone, so one of us has to have eyes on her basically any time she’s not sleeping. Not super helpful when you’re trying to actually work.

But, all this aside, there’s really nothing better than seeing your kids first thing in the morning. The good, bad, and the ‘poonamis’ are all worth it.

8:15 AM
It’s go-time. We’re all ready to tackle the day ahead. Kind of. Daddy always starts the day off with his daily team status call in his ‘office.’ When Corona reared its head in March, I had a little setup in what is now Stella’s room; but a few weeks ago, I got promoted to our bedroom and now that’s where the real magic happens … on screen.

8:30 AM
I am at my desk awaiting the dream team and some much-needed, none-wife, adult interaction. It’s the change of ‘scenery’ I welcome, and it’s great to talk to friends, colleagues, and people all in the same rocky boat.

9:00 AM
With status over, I am typically getting some work in as my wife multitasks looking after the girls and working through her emails.

11:00 AM
I’m incredibly lucky to have time during the day that I can block off to switch with my wife, handle the girls, and get my dad ‘duties’ done. I’ve always been grateful to work for such a family-friendly and flexible company but none more so than now.

During this time, my wife and I handle playtime, some attempts at educational activities, and everything else that comes along with keeping two rambunctious kids alive and well.  

1:00 PM
With lunches done, keeping work rolling, and my wife and I at our limits of child entertainment, it is, thankfully, nap time. Not that either of the girls want to go down for a nap, but right now, it is our lifeline. And something I’m incredibly jealous of.

While we should use this time to clear up after the Tasmanian devil has turned the house upside down (anyone who knows me knows how much this crushes my OCD soul), it’s back to calls, catching up, and using the time as best we can before one of the two wakes up.

2:00 PM

Work, meetings, calls.

3:00 PM
Work, meetings, calls.

*The girls are usually awake and causing havoc by now. My wife is able to work and keep a mostly watchful eye on them. Or, she’s given up and they’re destroying something. By this point in the day, we’ve usually stopped caring.

4:00 PM
Work, meetings, calls.

I usually start to gather all the info that I will need to prep for my ‘night shift,’ which I use to make up for any time I lost earlier in the day.

5:45 PM
Both girls are getting ready for dinner, their nightly dance parties, baths, and finally, bed.

8:00 PM
This is typically the first opportunity I get to catch up with my wife and see how she is, how her day has gone, and in general, connect and plan for tomorrow. Or not talk at all because we’re both talked out, so we just watch Selling Sunset in silence. Which is fairly blissful.

9:00 PM
Back at the station where the magic happens, and my time to be creative really sets in. I put my headphones on, get my music on (a welcome change from Baby Shark), and just get lost in the work.

12:45 AM
My contact lenses are drying up from the screen and tiredness kicks-in — my cue to get some beauty sleep.

5:00 AM
Copy and paste.

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